Using Silica Gel To Help Meet Your Shipping Needs

Silica gel can be an extremely effective tool for businesses that are needing to ship items to customers. Unfortunately, these gel products are not always well understood by business leaders, and this can make it much harder for them to effectively manage this part of their shipping logistics.

Appreciate The Need To Protect Your Shipped Items From Moisture Damage

It can be easy to overlook the damage that moisture can cause items that are being shipped. However, the containers that hold these items may be able to trap moisture inside, which can lead to condensation forming. Preventing this condensation from ruining the items being shipped can be done by placing silica gel packets, from a company like Interteck Packaging, in the shipping container. These packets will be able to absorb moisture out of the air so that it will not be able to form condensation. Unfortunately, these gel packets can be toxic to pets or small children, and if you include these in your shipments, you may want to label that the box contains silica gel packets so that the recipient can throw them away before pets or children get access to them.

Properly Store The Silica Gel When You Are Not Using It

There may be fairly long periods of time where you are not needing to use the silica gel. This can be particularly common for businesses that buy these packets in bulk. To ensure that the silica gel is able to continue to effectively absorb moisture, these packets will need to be stored in a dry location. If you store these packets in an area with high humidity levels, it could severely reduce the effectiveness of the silica gel when it is placed in the shipping containers. Furthermore, these packets should be kept in airtight containers to further reduce the risk of them becoming saturated before you use them to ship items.

Keep A Running Inventory Of Your Silica Gel Supplies

Shipping items without silica gel packets in them can lead to severe damage. Unfortunately, there can be instances where your business may run out of these supplies. To avoid letting this create major shipping disruptions for your business, a comprehensive inventory management program should be instituted for the silica gel supplies. This will require regularly reviewing the current number of silica gel packs that you have available while also being aware of your average daily shipping needs. Taking the time to provide this type of oversight of your silica gel supplies will make it much easier to avoid these potential disruptions.