The Pitfalls Of Adding Mileage When Moving Your Vehicle

For some people, moving is just a part of life. However, when the moves become frequent, or a person is forced to move from one side of the country to another, it can be a lot to manage. For some people, when they move, driving their vehicle to their next destination seems like the best move. However, when you think about the impact of putting these extra miles on the car, it is easy to see why auto transport might be a better option. Read More 

What Are Incoterms Rules, And Why Do You Need Training

If you're in the business of international trade, you've probably heard of Incoterms rules. But what are they, and why do you need to know about them? Here's a breakdown of what Incoterms rules are, who uses them, and why you should consider taking an Incoterms rules training course. What Are Incoterms Rules? Incoterms rules, an abbreviation of 'international commercial terms,' is a term coined and trademarked by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Read More