The Pitfalls Of Adding Mileage When Moving Your Vehicle

For some people, moving is just a part of life. However, when the moves become frequent, or a person is forced to move from one side of the country to another, it can be a lot to manage. For some people, when they move, driving their vehicle to their next destination seems like the best move. However, when you think about the impact of putting these extra miles on the car, it is easy to see why auto transport might be a better option.


The number of miles a vehicle has on it is often directly linked to its value. In general, the higher the mileage, the lower the value of the car compared to a similar vehicle with fewer miles. Whether you plan to sell or trade your vehicle, keeping the miles lower with auto transport can help you preserve its value. 

Wear and Tear

Many vehicle components do not have a lifespan that is rooted in years. Instead, their lifespan is rooted in milage. For example, a car part might be rated to last for 60,000 miles. Consequently, the more miles you put on the car, the more wear and tear, and the closer your vehicle comes to needing repair. Avoiding the extra miles of a cross-country move is always a positive. 

Insurance Cost

Some insurance providers ask their policyholders to submit their mileage periodically. The insurance company uses this information to determine your average mileage to base your premium on this amount. Often, more miles driven means a higher premium. Auto transport keeps your miles lower so that you do not have to pay more in the event of an insurance review. 

Tire Life

Tires are one of the essential features of a vehicle. If the tires are worn or damaged, the car is unsafe to drive. As you may already know, each mile you drive removes some of the tire's tread, or life. Particularly in the event of a cross-country move, the extra miles put on the tires could be extensive, so avoiding these extra miles on your vehicle is especially helpful. 

Accident Risk

Most accidents occur when a vehicle is in motion. So, by that theory, the more miles you drive, the greater your risk of being involved in an accident. Accidents can be costly in more ways than one. Auto transport keeps your vehicle off the road, with the added benefit of a secured trailer. 

Protect your vehicle with auto transport. For more info about auto transportation, contact a local company.