Moving Your Office? Follow These Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Commercial moving is a hectic process that presents potential property damage unless done with the utmost care. You avoid unnecessary costs and stress when you plan your office move with reputable moving service providers. Here are tips for a hassle-free process before and on your office moving day.

1. Plan Ahead

Business moves are hectic and often take more time than you anticipated. Create an inventory of all items packed, have an unpack plan, and prepare for possible downtime. If you don't plan, your employees will likely scramble to get back on track in the new space. Off-peak hours are arguably the best time to move. However, downtime during operational hours means lost money. If the only viable time to move is after-hours, communicate with the management of both premises to get uninterrupted access. One of the costly mistakes is to wait for the premises to be accessible. So, request full access to specified stairs, doors, and elevators.

2. Hire Reputable Moving Services Providers

You may be tempted to move your office or recruit employees so that you save money. However, the damages you are likely to suffer will cost you more than the cost of commercial movers. In addition, even though your employees can pack and prepare for the transition, office moving is strenuous. Also, if you let your employees move the items, you increase the chances of property damage. Don't underestimate your move; you could ruin some appliances if you don't have proper moving equipment. Your best shot to avoid costly moving mistakes is to use a reliable moving services company. Professional movers are trained and experienced in safely moving your equipment to your destination. For example, they will handle your freight services if you are moving across a shipping channel.

3. Insure Your Move

Even if your commercial movers have insurance, the insurance may not be enough to cover all your items. Your responsibility here is to acquire additional insurance to protect your property. You can either get insurance from your moving services company or get additional coverage from your business premises insurer. Accidents happen, and some damages are expected even with the most careful movers. Additional insurance is a choice but shouldn't be an option if you intend to offer full protection to your items. Moving insurance covers anything from accidental breakage to earthquakes and hurricanes, based on the policy. An exception is when you only need to travel a few blocks because short-distance moves present fewer risks.


Commercial moving is immense since you have to pack, unpack, ship, and even store the goods if needed. However, you can ease the process with a proper plan and an excellent moving and shipping services company. Follow the tips discussed above to get through your moving day with peace of mind. 

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