Using Do-Not-Stack-Pallet Cones For Your Shipping Needs

Preventing damage to the items that you are shipping can often require you to take proactive steps to prevent other items from being stacked on top of them. To this end, there are warning cones that you can use to keep the pallets with these shipments from being stacked in a way that could cause damage to the contents.

Do-Not-Stack-Pallet Cones Are Far More Effective Than Labeling

Unfortunately, simply labeling the container with a sign or lettering warning not to stack other items on it may not always be an effective way of preventing this. Often, this can be due to these markings going unnoticed. However, a do-not-stack-pallet cone will be far more noticeable as it will physically extend from the top of the container. This can make it both more visible while also making it difficult to place items on top.

The Pallet Cones Will Need To Be Secured To The Container

For a pallet cone to be effective, it will need to be securely held in place. Failing to secure this cone can lead to it coming loose during transit. When choosing do-not-stack-pallet cones for your needs, the method of securing these items to the container should be given careful consideration. A common example of the types of factors that you will need to consider can involve the differences between adhesive backing and cones that are strapped to the container. Adhesive backing may be the more convenient option for applying these cones, but this adhesive can degrade during the course of shipment, which may lead to it falling off. Cones that are anchored to the container with straps will be far more likely to survive the trip so that these containers will be protected the entire time.

Keep The Pallet Cones Stored In A Proper Area

Improper storage of the pallet cones can be a mistake that will greatly reduce your ability to use these devices. In particular, these cones are often made of wax-coated cardboard. While this can be a durable option for withstanding the elements for routine shipping routes, storing them in areas where condensation can be a common issue may lead to repeated moisture exposure that could severely degrade the cone. While it will likely make sense for you to order these cones in bulk, it will be necessary to have a climate-controlled storage area where they can be safely kept until you need to use them.

For more information on do-not-stack-pallet cones, labels, and more, contact a local supplier.