Order Corrugated Boxes That Contain A Built-In Foam Layer

If you own a home-based business that often requires you to ship out several fragile items at the same time, using separate shipping boxes that contain packing materials is not the most cost-effective shipping method available. Order shipping boxes that each contain a built-in foam liner. More products can be shipped together and merchandise will not break while in transit.

Double Protection To Protect Fragile Products

Most standard corrugated shipping boxes are designed to be crushproof and the cardboard that they are constructed of is fairly thick. Alternate ridges and grooves are used in the design of a corrugated product and this feature adds additional protection that will prevent a box from compressing or products from becoming wet inside of a box, due to moisture retention.

When you choose a shipping product that contains a foam layer that is secured to the lid, the sides, and the bottom of a shipping product, you are supplied with double protection. Foam liners that are static resistant and flexible will stabilize products but will not apply direct pressure to delicate materials, resulting in damage to goods.

Customization Options

Contact a supplier of packing materials and inquire about corrugated materials that contain built-in protection. You can customize the length, width, and thickness of foam so that goods that are placed inside of a box that is a specific size will fit perfectly. If your product line consists of items that are ordered on a recurring basis, you can fine-tune the dimensions of the shipping products that you need. Measure a single item and review your past shipments to determine how many products are typically ordered by your current clientele.

Order shipping boxes that can support a single product and ones that can support multiple items that will either be stacked or aligned next to one another. If the supplier offers different box shapes, colors, closure features, and printing options, choose a unique style that has your business name printed along the top or the side of each carton.

Choose boxes that are easy to assemble or that are pre-assembled. To reduce the amount of tape or labels that you need to purchase separately, request products that contain an adhesive strip that will seal a carton or ones that contain a flap that can be slipped into a slot that is part of a carton's design and request that your complete return address is printed on each product that you purchase. 

Keep these considerations in mind as you look for shipping boxes.