5 Ways To Upgrade The Way You Pack And Ship Packages To Customers

When you run an e-commerce business, you do not have a face-to-face interaction with your customers. However, you can create a connection by thoughtfully choosing the right shipping materials and packaging. Sure, you could just place your product in a brown cardboard box closed with packing tape, but taking the time to enhance your shipping materials and packaging can enhance your customer's experience and may make them more likely to order from your again. Use the following tips to impress your customers as soon as they receive their package:

Order Custom Boxes

In this day and age, there is no reason to feel like plain cardboard boxes are your only options when shipping products to customers. For just a little bit more than plain boxes, you can order custom made shipping boxes in bulk. If you choose corrugated boxes, you will have the option of choosing from a variety of colors. Corrugated boxes can also be printed, so you can have your company's logo printed on each box.

Say No to Plain Packing Tape

Plain packing tape is not very exciting or visually appealing. Instead, you may want to consider colored packing tape that complements the colors of the box that you are shipping the product in. If you are will to invest a little bit more, you can purchase custom tape that is printed with words or images that you choose. Upgrading the tape you use to close the box will make the package look much more appealing.

Wrap Products in Tissue Paper

Savvy companies have begun placing tissue paper in their boxes when shipping products. When customers open their package when it arrives, the addition of tissue paper can make opening up the box feel similar to opening a gift. Small touches like this can enhance a customer's unboxing experience an leave a lasting positive impression.

Include a Note

Customers want to feel like their business is appreciated, so add a short printed note in each package that is sent out. You can print these notes out in bulk to make the packing process easier. If you want to encourage repeat business, include a promo code or coupon for a discount on the next purchase a customer makes.

Consider Including Samples

Small samples are a great way to introduce customers to other products that you sell. Since you don't see your customers face to face when running an e-commerce business, including samples in each box that you ship gives you the opportunity to let a customer know more about other products that your company has to offer. 

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